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Article: What is a Tennis Chain?

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What is a Tennis Chain?

Chains can enhance your style with minimal effort. They come in statement and subtle styles.

Tennis chains are a subtle addition to any wardrobe and can enhance any outfit. Learn more about this unique chain and how to incorporate it into your style.

Whats the definition of a Tennis Chain?

Tennis chains differ from other chains in that they use diamonds as the links, connected by a thin precious metal chain. This design gives them a clean and polished appearance.

The origin of the term "tennis chains" is traced back to the 1987 US Open, when tennis player Chris Evert wore a diamond-studded chain during her match. During the match, the chain broke and her diamonds scattered everywhere, leading to the term's adoption.

During a game, Evert requested a pause to retrieve gemstones from her bracelet, which led to the chain being known as a tennis chain.

How to choose the right Tennis Necklace

Understanding the different options available in tennis chains is crucial in selecting the most suitable one for your needs.

Consider the differences between round cut and square cut gems.

When selecting a tennis necklace, one can choose between round-cut or square-cut diamonds.

A tennis chain with square-cut diamonds has a classic and geometric appearance that can be worn for various occasions. However, it is more suitable for formal events when compared to tennis chains with round-cut gems.

Round-cut gems may enhance your appearance and add a touch of sophistication. These gems are typically larger than square-cut gems and reflect light in a striking manner. They are often regarded as a bold accessory that draws attention to your outfit, unlike square-cut gems.

The decision between a round-cut gem or a square-cut tennis chain depends on personal preference. A round-cut gem may be more bold, while a square-cut tennis chain may be more subtle.

Yellow or White Gold

The diamonds are the main feature of a tennis chain, which require a small chain to keep them in place. The chain can be made of either yellow gold or white gold.

Yellow gold is a classic choice for jewelry and can provide a nice contrast with diamonds. It is also often considered more casual and suitable for various social occasions.

White gold is a good choice for tennis bracelets because it complements the color of diamonds and creates a uniform and polished appearance. This makes it suitable for formal events or corporate settings where you want to enhance your appearance while maintaining a professional look.

Stone Width

Tennis chains offer a range of options from subtle to bold. Choosing a large, bulky chain can make a statement.

Chains ranging from 3mm to 5mm are commonly chosen for their subtle appearance and versatility in complementing other jewelry pieces when layered.

Chains with a thickness of 7mm or greater will attract attention due to their large, striking crystals. They are best paired with simple outfits in order to highlight the jewelry rather than the clothing.

Chain length affects the style of your necklace. 16 inch chains are consideredchoker-style and fit snugly. Longer chains up to 24 inches hang lower on the chest. The choice is personal preference, but longer chains tend to draw more attention than chokers.

Pendant or No Pendant?

By adding a pendant to a chain, it is possible to incorporate a personal touch that cannot be achieved with just the chain. This can transform a standard tennis chain into a more individualized accessory.

When selecting a pendant, it is important to consider the thickness of the chain. A thickness of 5mm or less will allow the pendant to rest properly on the chain. Additionally, there are several factors to consider when choosing a pendant.

When choosing a pendant for your chain, it is recommended to ensure that the gold on both pieces matches. For example, if you have a white gold chain, it is best to select a white gold pendant. The same applies if your chain is made of yellow gold.

To add significance to your pendant, consider creating a custom design that holds personal meaning.

The Icetruck offers various customization options for creating a personalized piece, including picture or word pendants and choice of gold and chain. The purchase is supported by a 1-Year guarantee for added assurance.

In Conclusion

Tennis necklaces are a type of chain where diamonds serve as the links. They are elegant and versatile, suitable for various occasions.

When selecting a tennis chain, it is advisable to consider factors such as diamond size, diamond shape, and chain width. Other factors to consider include color and the option to add a pendant.

When looking for a tennis necklace, it's important to find a trusted jeweler. We offer high-quality hip-hop jewelry and provide a 1-Year guarantee for each piece.