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Article: Which meaning stands behind a Tennis Bracelet?

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Which meaning stands behind a Tennis Bracelet?

What is a Tennis Bracelet and why is it so popular? - Icetruck

It is interesting to understand the origins of everyday words. Many terms, such as submarine sandwich, stiletto shoes, and flea market, have historical explanations that we often overlook.

The tennis bracelet is an interesting piece of jewelry. Despite its name, many people who wear it do not actually play tennis.

The term "tennis bracelet" has a specific origin and can provide valuable insights into the world of jewelry. Let's explore this topic further to understand what makes the tennis bracelet so special and popular.

Origin Story of the Tennis Bracelet 

Tennis is often associated with a traditional, upscale image, but those who have witnessed a live match can attest to the intense experience it offers, particularly at a competitive level.

Players engage in intense physical activity, utilizing their full strength to hit the ball with precision over the net at high speed.

The story of the tennis bracelet dates back to 1987 when tennis player Chris Evert was playing a match at the U.S. Open. Evert was known for her intensity and was playing at a high level on that day in Queens, NY.

During the match, she realized that her diamond bracelet was missing after hitting a winning shot and celebrating her victory.

This was significant for Evert, who was recognized for her style and old-school 80s swag on the court. It was essential for her to have her bracelet, or else she would not continue playing.

The game was temporarily paused as she searched for her bracelet. The bracelet, which was made of diamonds and had a white gold base, needed to be found. Fortunately, it was discovered in the corner of the court, and the game continued as usual.

The crowd became engrossed in the mid-match jewelry drama, shifting their attention to Evert's bracelet for the remainder of the match. This style of bracelet, formerly referred to as an eternity bracelet or a line diamond bracelet, gained the moniker "tennis bracelet" and has remained popular ever since.

The name is easy to say and matches the sporty style of the jewelry we see today. Evert doesn't discuss the 1987 incident in detail, but it was a significant event that had a lasting impact on courtside fashion.

The evolution of Tennis Bracelets.

When comparing the tennis bracelets of the 80s, they may not appear impressive. However, they possess high-quality diamonds and skilled craftsmanship. Over time, fashion trends have shifted towards more unconventional and vibrant styles.

To be considered a tennis bracelet, it should be lightweight and allow for easy movement of the arm and wrist.

A tennis bracelet typically ranges in size between 3mm and 7mm, and can be made of various materials such as 925 sterling silver or 14 white gold.

Although diamonds are not essential for tennis bracelets, they do enhance the overall look. Even if you choose a more affordable diamond simulant like CZ, you can still choose a genuine gold finish to elevate your style.

Round diamonds are typically the most common shapes found in tennis bracelets today, but there may also be pave-style diamonds that provide a fully-iced effect.

Modern tennis bracelets incorporate a mix of stone sizes and cuts to create a unique look. For instance, a Clustered Tennis Bracelet in Rose Gold combines a band of links adorned with multiple hand-set mini stones and a round-cut diamond in the center. The rose gold color provides a stylish contrast that complements any skin tone. This is a tennis bracelet designed for the future.

Tennis Necklaces are becoming more popular.

The tennis bracelet is popular due to its simplicity, sportiness, and style. It has influenced the jewelry industry, with necklaces now incorporating the same look.

The philosophy of the tennis necklace is similar to that of the bracelet, providing a light and versatile look without burdening the wearer.

Some tennis chains are thinner than bracelets and keep the diamonds closer together for added comfort around the neck. They provide a minimalistic style and are suitable for various occasions such the workplace, gym, beach, and other events.

Tennis necklaces are becoming increasingly popular, with a wide variety of styles and materials available in the market. Keep an eye out for options that align with your personal taste, as top jewelers continue to innovate and introduce new designs.

Brands like Icetruck, which operate online, are pushing the boundaries of the jewelry industry and it is worth following them on social media to stay updated on the latest trends and developments.

A Fine Gift? (Or a Treat for yourself)

A tennis bracelet or necklace is a reliable choice as a gift for family or friends, even though it may not be the most extravagant piece of jewelry in the shop.

A classic tennis bracelet may be a safer choice for a Christmas gift that Mom can wear daily, rather than a large iced-out Cuban Link chain.

When it comes to finding gifts for a newly married or college graduate relative, a tennis bracelet or necklace is always a safe choice.

There are a variety of options available such as our 10mm Clustered Tennis Bracelet, ensuring that you will find one that suits the personality of the recipient, even if it is yourself.

When purchasing jewelry, it is recommended to choose reputable brands, particularly when shopping online. It is advisable to look for companies that provide customer support, have positive reviews from genuine customers, and offer a warranty for future protection.

Bracelets and necklaces designed for tennis are known for their durability, and purchasing from a reputable producer will ensure that you have a long-lasting piece.

In Conclusion:

Tennis bracelets are versatile accessories that can be worn daily without hindering your movements at the office or the gym. You don't have to be a professional tennis player to effortlessly incorporate them into any outfit.

After completing your work, you can enjoy the club scene and receive compliments on your tennis bracelet around the clock. It is always there for you.

The tennis necklace style is still popular and allows you to mix and match different pieces on your wrist and neck for a stylish, iced-up look.

Tennis bracelets are popular due to their sleek design, so consider adding a more minimalistic touch to your collection for a fresh look that you won't regret.